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Catering Bidding System

Use our innovative bidding system for easy access to catering opportunities that match your criteria, schedule and radius.

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Dine-In Daily Deals

Whether you are a bakery with too many donuts, a caterer that made too much food, or a deli that's just having a slow day, we’ve brought the solution right to your door! By using our Daily Deals feature, we’ve made it easy to publish deals on those slow moving items (or days!) to boost your traffic and sales.

Oh! And if you exclusively advertise with FoodEaze, we will make sure your deal is at the top of the list!


Food Truck Locator

Getting customers to your food truck has never been more simple. Turn on live tracking on FoodEaze to pop up on our easy-to-use food truck locator!


Verified Reviews

Don’t let your competition ruin your good reputation. We focus on verifying virtually every customer review in a positive light!

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EZ Bid Calculator

You NEED to spend more time on doing what YOU love!

FoodEaze™ will blow you away by how fast and easy it is to create bids for potential clients.

FoodEaze™ Business app is here to simplify your life, not make it more complicated. We want you to focus on creating the food that will make your client’s tastebuds do a dance. Let FoodEaze™ handle the heavy lifting, the paperwork, and the calculating with our EZ Bid Calculator. Create and save custom FoodEaze™ templates so every FoodEaze™ order is only a couple clicks from bringing you new customers.



FoodEaze™ Business app is going to make you quite happy. Like extraordinarily happy. Advertise your sponsored event right on the FoodEaze home screen. Get real time analytics, discover your event’s peak times…, there are way too many amazing things about it to explain here. Click the “learn more” link to get the details!



Subscription based pricing. No percentages. No hidden expenses.

You only pay a bid fee when you win! Keep more of what YOU earn.


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